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Hold The Rain

Heya fellow beauty stalkers! Hope you're all well! I dont know how the weather has been like around the world and the rest of Great Britain, but in London we've officially waved goodbye to the sunshine. It was inevitable to be honest.
But that doesnt mean we have to wave bye bye to the bright S/S trends. Infact we should embrace the brights and pastels even more, if anything atleast to cheer ourselves up right Londoners?

I recently purchased two YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks, I have been in total love with these lipsticks since I purchased my first back in the winter time. If the creamy rich highly pigmented formula isnt enough to captivate you, then the regal packaging will leave you feeling a little smug when pulling it out of your hand bag for a touch up.

Ofcourse I want one in every colour, but this time I choose to pick two statement colours of the season.

My colours of choice were N.15 (Extreme Coral) and N.13 (Peach Passion).

Peach Passion, is less of a peach and more of a frosty, bright, flesh toned pink in my opinion. The colour is amazing and very statment for such a light colour. I do think its one for many skintones to pull off. My only gripe with this is that I'm not sure how much the shade actually suits me, but I shall be trying it out with different looks so watch this space. Also a bigger issue is that the formula in this shade felt very different to other Rouge Volupte's. Its hard to describe but its almost grainy...:s I dont know if its because its a frosty shade and maybe thats why, but if anyone else knows of a reason for this please let me know.

Extreme Coral, is more of a fluroscent orangey red. Its probably my favourite of the two as the orangey tone in this does compliment my skintone better. I really love this shade and I'm fully prepared to rock it out as much as possible this "summer" clouds and rain aside :)

Have you guys tried any of the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks? What are your opinions? Or do you have any other peachy or coral lip loves to share?

Love you all for taking the time to read this