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Animal Instinct

I'm not usually one for trotting down to a sale, I'm not the best person to deal with crowds and mess and riffling through racks looking for something, you probably wouldn't have wanted anyway but the price gives you a slight justification. However when on the RiverIsland website last week, without trying I spotted a gorgeous pair of boots I just couldn't say no to.

I have been looking for a decent pair of animal print boots and had my eye on this pair in the past when they were priced at £70. It was between this pair and a pair at Topshop marked at the same price range. But when stumbling across these boots marked down to £30, I knew someone was smiling down on me and quickly placed an order in my size. I've developed a slight love for animal print all of a sudden, which for me is pretty strange considering a year ago you wouldn't have seen me come close to wearing anything leopard-esq.

I'm very bad in flats, my feet haven't got much of an arch and are slightly penguin-y so I really do opt for heeled boots over flats. I love the thicker heel on these boots as it makes them extra supportive and comfortable for all day wear. I'm now on the look out for some gorgeous high helled Chelsea boots!! The saga continues...

How do you guys feel about animal print this season are you loving or loathing? And on everyday shoes are you more of a flats or a heels girl?

Ciao lovelies

In The Still Of The Night

Heya dolls, lately I've realised that n comparison to other Beauty Bloggers my eyeshadow collection is a little whimpy. Im not a massive shadow junkie, I dont lack as much self control when purchasing shadows as with say my lipsticks. But with my recent introduction to NARS eyeshadows I've become a little lovestruck. My purchase of the shadow Galapogos, which I have to say is the best eyeshadow I've ever worked with, has made me want more, MORE!

After browsing on the NARS website I came across their Limted Edition Night Series Palette. Do I even need to waste words advocating for this.

The colours are beyond gorgeous, the perfect shades for a winter night out.

(from left to right) Night Star, Night Clubbing, Night Porter, Night Rider, Night Flight, Night Breed

The shades are rich, highly pigmented, easily blended and fabulous! My favourites so far are Night Star (gorgeous peachy colour with shimmer) & Night Breed ( black packed with silver glitter)

If your into a little lid luxury then defo take a look online or in-store.

What do you guys think of the palette? What are your shadow collections like? Do you ever find yourself collecting more variations of one type of make up item than the other?

Love & hugs

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: Review

Hello guys! I thought that now that I'm reaching the end with one of my most reached for products, now would be a good a time as any to review it for you. I picked up the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm back in May, after reading reviews and the description online in my mind it seemed like a pretty decent buy for the summer time. Its described online as "An instant radiance booster" which obviously gave me the idea to use this for a nice summer glow; "Skin feels softer the complexion appears brighter and more radiant. Enhances make-up's luminous appearance and lasting wear." My idea was to have this glow through a light application of foundation and keep my face glistening (the right way) in the sunshine.

Did it work?
Sort of, is the best answer I can come up with in relation to this question. The product gave me an instant glow all round, that neither made me appear sweaty or greasy. Before I became dedicated to my MUFE primer I used this moisturiser as a base for my foundation, to test the theory of enhancing make up's appearance and wear. When applying my foundation ontop of this I definitely saw that glow penetrating through, but because I mostly use my Pro Longwear foundation I probably couldn't give you a 100% accurate explanation as to whether it helfdmy foundation in there for longer. Nothing is going to work to increase the wear of your foundation more so than an actual primer. But on the basis of that healthy glow, I definitely saw it shine through my base for atleast the first couple hours or so.

The other benefits are its sweet cinammon like scent, that some may like or dislike, but I personally enjoyed, and also its lightweight but effective texture. As someone with combination skin I found it works nicely to moisturise but not in anyway increase the production of oil in areas like my t-zone, it did nothing to prevent it persay, but then again nothing to encourage it. If you find you do enjoy this as a moisturser, but suffer from oily areas, maybe finding a light mattifying serum to use underneath or mattifyng primer to use on top may solve the problem for oilier skin. Another bonus would be for those who think its about time to try anti-aging products as its described to "Work instantly to promote firmer looking features and reduce the appearance of fine lines." Saying that, I think because of its light weight and sublte texture, younger skins could enjoy using this with a tinted moisturiser for a natural glow. And apparently you can use this as a mask once a week or so by applying it all over the face for 10-15 mins, I personally never did this so I couldnt tell you if there are any benefits to this, all I can say is the tube seems to small for me to waste loads on masking *shrugs*.
All in all I did enjoy my time using this moisturiser and am a little sad its almost gone, I would definitely repurchase again in the future, as it is a nice one to have around. 

Have any of you guys tried the Beauty Flash Balm? If so what did you think, would you repurchase? Or are any of you interested in trying it in the future?

Wishin you a lovely day

Asos.com Haul

Hey loves! With the glum situation that happened in London, which unfortunately spread throughout the UK, I didn't really feel like going out and about unless I absolutely had to. I wont dwell to much on those series of horrific events (mostly because alot of it was practically on my doorstep), but instead of hitting the shops and dwindling on uncertainty about which shops were still offering home delivery or not; I hit up asos.com for some trusty and much needed retail therapy. I don't know if you guys knew but asos.com had a 20% off code running last week to give you a chance to check out their new season stock. I actually didn't know myself until a lovely friend told me about it and told me I better get shopping... no one needs to tell me twice!

Its actually a medle' of items, I thought I'd check out all departments to see what goodies to pick from. First I'll begin with the beauty related items.

The Benefit Eye Bright has been one of those items that I always make a mental note of but never find a moment that I can validate buying it. There all seems to be something ahead of it. But now I bit the bullet and clicked add to shopping bag on this straight away. I bought it to use in my waterline to brighten the eye and give it that wider look. Many often recommend using a white liner to do this but with my skin tone a white liner can look too sharp. The hint of pink in this pencil does the job at getting my desired effect.

Ok yes I took a sneak peek at the NARS products again *covers face in shame* I couldn't help myself. I've wanted Galapagos as well for oh so long! Its an amazing deep brown with tons of gold shimmer, it basically just cried out to me. I can see myself using this over and over maybe smudged into my crease during the day or swept across the lid and smoked upwards, with lashes in the evening. I'm excited!!

Since my banishment of acrylic nails in recent months I've really taken an interest in nail care, designs and have started indulging more in nail colours. I saw this Paul and Joe Nail Enamel Trio a while ago when it was £15. but now that it was reduced to £8 I saw no need to not help myself. Its rare that I buy a set of nail polishes adamant that I'll get a wear out of all colours, but this time I am more than satisfied. The colours are beyond adorable the perfect shades to see out the remaining days of summer with.

I don't know if you guys have noticed the dip-dye earring trend chain earrings. Most clothing retail stores have their own interpretation but these are definitely my fav (Topshop also have a pretty nice pair). I think their really subtle yet interesting, very much my style.

Throwing in a quick FOTD...

MUFE Translucent HD Powder
Mac Pro Longwear FoundationNC42
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer Deep 04
MSFN Sun Power
NARS Orgasm Blush

Rimmel Brow Pencil Dark Brown
Gosh Brow Set
Sleek Sunset Palette (bottom 3rd from right colour)
Mac Manilla Paper e/s (inner corner)
Loreal Volume Millions Lashes Mascara Extra Black
Lord and Berry Liquid Liner
Benefit Eye Bright

Mac Costa Chic Frost Finish Lipstick

On my nails I'm wearing the Paul & Joe Vernis 15

...Oh and sorry for the mess in the background guys, my bestie has been staying with me this week and our stuff combined resembles a mild explosion
Did you guys take advantage of the asos.com offer or any other discount codes at the start of the season? Have you tried or purchased any of the items mentioned above? Also how do you feel about hauls on my blog are you loving them or would you like to see less of them, and more of something else...more FOTD's, Product reviews or outfit posts maybe???

Hope you guys have a great day

REVLON - Gold Coin

Whilst browsing the Revlon counter at Boots recently, I managed too come across some of their new nail varnishes for this autumn/winter. One of my absolute favs is this gorgeous metallic colour in Gold Coin. Its a metallic rusty gold perfect for copy-catting that sassy Beyonce Knowles, minx nail look. Two coats will give you that even and opaque sheen, but no more than two I'd say.
Revlon nail varnishes are currently £4.29 instead of £6.29 at Boots. Have a run down and take a look guys they have some other pretty interesting shades and I believe another new sparkly one for A/W.
Let me know your opinions on gold nails, are you a fan or do you think their a tad too much?

Lots of Love

NARS-cissistic Perhaps?

Heya Guys! I recently made a few NARS purchases form asos.com and I want to share them with, well who else but you! :)
I was in the mood to try a cotton candy pink blush and it was a toss up between this and Mac's Dollymix, even though I may still purchase Dollymix I think for now I've indeed made a wise decision. This blush looks incredibly gorgeous so bright and highly pigmented, it has a matte finish and even though it may come off slightly shocking in colour, I think medium to dark skin tones would absolutely fall in love.

The decision to get this lip gloss was a bit of a risk. I'm not very big on glosses and if I ever take the plunge its usually a pinky peach colour that I'm adamant would suit me. Angelika is a bright, slightly blue toned pink, something warm skin tones like me shy away from. But I am deeply impressed with the colour I think warmer skin tones need to cheek this out, because for a gloss it is very pigmented, but still sheer enough to not appear overpowering.

I absolutely love this lipstick! The colour is a warm coral that I think absolutely flatters my skin tone, it is a safe choice for me because I am comfortable in peaches and corals. This is my first NARS lipstick and I must say I am hooked! The colour applies incredibly smooth, highly pigmented and the satin formula is very creamy. I really want to try more with this finish but I'm also curious of the semi-matte lipsticks... especially one at the top of my wish list...Schiap!

(Left to Right) Niagra lipstick, Angelika lip gloss, Desire blush
What did you guys think of the products mentioned in this haul? Are there any NARS items on your wish lists?

Have a lovely day ;-)

Now Available in HD

Hello my sweets! Hope your all well? I want to introduce you to an amazing purchase I've made recently. Make Up Forever are a world renowned professional make up brand who's product are used by the most prestige of make up artists. Unfortunately the products are stocked in Sephora which we don't have in the UK! But they are also available at Guru Make Up Emporium a professional make up store in Parsons Green, London.
I've always been eager to try the MUFE products and have seen them in tutorials by the likes of Pixiwoo, and its through their channel that I was first made aware of Guru Make Up Emporium who do have a website where you can order products. But because I'm really into seeing products and being familiar with them before I attempt to order them online and Parsons Green although in London is quite out of the way for me to travel to, I till now have never made an order.

It was actually through a friend who had been down to the store that I gained the impulse to at least try products that weren't based on colour matching, so that I could determine the quality. I purchased the HD Translucent Face Powder and the HD Primer in Mauve (to contrast sallow undertones).

Top Pic: Swatch of MUFE primer, Pic Below: Primer rubbed into hand
The primer firstly I have to say this has a very fresh scent which I do like in skincare products. I've never used a coloured primer so I was a little worried about how this was going to show up under my foundation. But the consistency isn't too thick and the product once rubbed in, seemed to apply clear. Saying that when I moved on to apply my foundation it applied so smoothly and the finishing result was a base that was so much more even and healthy looking than usual, that I literally wanted to keep staring at my face. The primer is designed to contrast sallow undertones meaning dullness. My skin tone at times can become uneven if I'm not careful, and as a result my skin can look a little dull, even under foundation. But this seemed to work against that perfectly.
Top Pic: Shows MUFE HD powder on hand, Pic Below: Powder blended into hand
The HD Powder was a little tricky figure out at first as I've never used any translucent powders in the past (unless you count the one I used only once by Sleek, less said the better). I applied this powder once I finished applying all my makeup as I heard this is a good way to seal everything in. With a powder that has a bit of colour I'd probably use that directly after applying foundation. At no point did the application seem to be cakey or ashy or drying in anyway. Instead I barely noticed a difference... except for the fact that my t-zone was instantly mattified and stayed that way for longer than ever before. Honestly I adore this powder! I only purchased the travel sized version as I wanted to test it out but I'm going to trot down to Parsons Green and try their HD Foundation and whilst I'm there I will be picking up a full sized tub of the HD Powder. I think I'll have the smaller one on hand should I need to travel or have to pack make up with me for any other reason.

I honestly am kicking myself at taking so long to actually try out the MUFE products as the quality is beyond amazing, I'm in total excitement at the prospect of trekking down to pick a foundation. And just in case you guys were wondering, I've been using the products since the previous Monday and I haven't experienced any nasty skin reactions.

Let me know what you guys think of MUFE, have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Or do MUFE have any amazing make up items you think are worth recommending. Or if you guys have experienced a better primer and setting powder please feel free to share

Love you all

July 2011 favs

Hey my loves! Hope you've all had a lovely day, I actually meant to get this up sooner but I've been so distracted by other little projects in life. August to October will be a busy time for me trying to organize a lot and from October onwards I'll probably be even busier :'(. But theirs no excuse for neglecting you guys an I shall be back on form as much as I can be from now on.

I've been channeling the sun through my cheekbones with Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish Naturals in Sun Power. This is a gorgeous deep orange bronze shade, the fact that its matte makes it amazing as a bronzer or contour powder for deeper skin tones. A little goes a long way with this, I'd highly recommend taking it with a light hand and building up the intensity as you see fit. Lighter skin tones should check out "Give Me Sun" for a similar concept but more suitable for fairer complexions. I've loved using my Mac 188 brush for a precise application, and then to go over and buff out any harsh edges making the effect sun kissed and semi-natural.

Sorry guys pics were taken quite late in the day

I've played it safe with my cheek colours this month, its been between Mac's powder blush in Gingerly or Melba. Gingerly is a deep muted rose colour that looks absolutely gorgeous, I know this a fav by the likes of Kim Kardashian and I'm not surprised, I think it would look amazing on a variety of skin tones. Melba is a must-have for peach lovers, it is a matte peach shade similar to the likes of Benefits Coralista but less on the pink side. This is another flatterer of many skin tones.

I've been quite experimental with my shadow this month so I cannot pin point a favourite amongst the shadows but the Mac Eye Kohl in Teddy has looked amazing with any look that I throw together. I use this in my waterline for a less intense exaggeration of my eyes, its such a lovely dark bronze perfect to go with many key looks of the season. My choice of liner for my signature winged liner has been a black liner pen the Me Me Me Eye Sweep, I actually adore this, for such a low price its much better than most high street liner pens I've used. It hasn't dried yet and I have had it a while, the colour is strong and intense and the formula doesn't budge all day! Loving this!

(From Left to Right) Revlon Pink Crystals, MUA shade 11, Revlon Mauve It Over
My lipstick collection has become like lucky dip recently! I'm in midst of organizing my make up storage and all my lipsticks are jumbled inside a make up bag at the mo, so having a preference is pretty impossible! Even still one lipstick that I keep to the side because I know I can virtually rely on it for any occasion is Revlon's Mauve It Over. I know I bigged this up last month as well, but I totally love this lipstick, both colour and texture are both right up my street! Revlon are such a firm favourite for me when it comes to lip products. One other favourite I've had had for I think about eight years, has been Revlon's Lip gloss in Pink Crystals! I've adored this gloss since day one of my love affair with make up! Its a gorgeous peachy shade with tiny gold shimmers running through it. One of my best friends and I used to be obsessed with this gloss, its just that must have for a pretty, pink, glossy pout. A bolder lip fav that I have to include is a lipstick by MUA in shade 11. The inexpensive Superdrug brand has bowled me over with this lipstick. Its a has a creamy formula but the pigmentation is quite intense and does stain the lips. Above that the colour is really unusual much like a coral, pinky, brown... I don't know you guys tell me.

I'm rarely one to reach for just one fragrance for a long period of time but saying that I've had the Vera Wang Lovestruck for over a month now and I cannot stop spraying it. I've recommended this to nearly all my girlfriends and my mummy as its an amazing fruity floral scent that I think any girl would love. I don't think I've found anything more perfect for the summer time. Its sweet enough to make you feel dressed up and gorgeous yet, it has a lovely floral fresh side that really cheers you up. Definitely my most worn scent of the month! Being the clumsy oaf I am I've managed to damage the amazing bottle, a day of it rolling around in my hand bag resulted in one of the flowers breaking off and the ribbon untangling. This really upset my as one of the reasons I loved it was for the design of the bottle.

And that's all she wrote. Sorry if you guys feel its not as much as last time, but I there have been somethings I don't feel I've used for long enough, or some things that I've previously mentioned that I didn't think you needed to be reminded of or hear about just yet. Wishing you all a lovely day.

Hugs and Kisses

Give Me Your Bloglovin

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Hello darlings I've just put my blog up on Bloglovin. Im totally new to the concept and very slow so please bear with me as I gradually understand what im doing *covers face in shame*.

Hope you've all had a a lovely day

Confessions of an Online-Mac-aholic

My name is Anastasia.... *deep breath*.... an I'm an online shopaholic.... No I really am! 75% of my shopping related activity takes place via my laptop. Its just a real convenience, sometimes elements of my day to day life don't allow me the time to get to the stores I want to go to. But that doesn't mean I don't know what I want. Like for instance I'm sure the Assistants at my local Mac are missing me. But even still I thought absence would make their hearts grow fonder, as I decided against the trek down there and opted for sitting on my bum and ordering some lovely items online. With the recent "summer" down pour who can blame a girl!

(left to right) Rimmel Nude Delight, MAC's Shy Girl
My fav foundation is the Pro Long wear NC42, and as I mentioned in an earlier post I had run out and had to replace this as soon as I could. The lipstick Shy Girl has been one that I've thought about getting every now and again. Its a lovely soft coral, nude, amazing as a warmer nude lip for the summer. I think its so similar to Rimmels Nude Delight but with slight pinky-coral undertones. Trace Gold has been a blush I've been brooding over for a while. I actually did a wish list post a while ago declaring my love. Now its mine *Golem voice* my precious! It is a gorgeous rose gold that honestly the swatch above doesn't do any justice to. Its packed with shimmer, not the usual blush I opt for but hey I personally think its the perfect shade to attempt that Beyonce diva glow... who run the world??!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post? What are your opinions of the products mentioned? Yes I am 100% lazy as an avid online shopper any other lazy bones out there enjoy the convenience of shopping online?

Thank you all for having a read

FOTD Using MAC Morange

Hello darlings! A few posts ago I let you guys know of my purchase of MAC's lovely lippy in Morange. Silly old me forgot to swatch it to show you all how "pow" of a colour it is.

Morange is definitely a lipstick meant for the brave! The colour is a beautiful orange shade with red undertones and I'm so in love with orange and coral this season, but I'm not altogether sure how well of a job I do at pulling it off. I'm such a natural introvert, in the way that I cannot stand anything that forces an "all-eyes-on me" reaction. But saying that the British public did seem quite kind. I didnt get any "what was she thinking" or "who does she think she is" stares... well none that I noticed, bear in mind I am short sighted :(

Products Used:
Mac Pro Longwear Foundation NC42
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Naturals Medium/Darl
Illamasqua Bronzer Burinish
Mac Powder Blush Gingerly
Mac Woodwinked e/s
Sleek Storm Palette (matte dark brown + metallic bronze)
Me me me Eyeliner Pen Black
Mac Kohl Teddy
Chantechaille Faux Ciles Mascara Noir
MAC Morange Lipstick
What do you think of Morange? Or bright lipsticks in general? What have been your fav lip colours of the season?
Hope you enjoyed dolls