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July 2011 favs

Hey my loves! Hope you've all had a lovely day, I actually meant to get this up sooner but I've been so distracted by other little projects in life. August to October will be a busy time for me trying to organize a lot and from October onwards I'll probably be even busier :'(. But theirs no excuse for neglecting you guys an I shall be back on form as much as I can be from now on.

I've been channeling the sun through my cheekbones with Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish Naturals in Sun Power. This is a gorgeous deep orange bronze shade, the fact that its matte makes it amazing as a bronzer or contour powder for deeper skin tones. A little goes a long way with this, I'd highly recommend taking it with a light hand and building up the intensity as you see fit. Lighter skin tones should check out "Give Me Sun" for a similar concept but more suitable for fairer complexions. I've loved using my Mac 188 brush for a precise application, and then to go over and buff out any harsh edges making the effect sun kissed and semi-natural.

Sorry guys pics were taken quite late in the day

I've played it safe with my cheek colours this month, its been between Mac's powder blush in Gingerly or Melba. Gingerly is a deep muted rose colour that looks absolutely gorgeous, I know this a fav by the likes of Kim Kardashian and I'm not surprised, I think it would look amazing on a variety of skin tones. Melba is a must-have for peach lovers, it is a matte peach shade similar to the likes of Benefits Coralista but less on the pink side. This is another flatterer of many skin tones.

I've been quite experimental with my shadow this month so I cannot pin point a favourite amongst the shadows but the Mac Eye Kohl in Teddy has looked amazing with any look that I throw together. I use this in my waterline for a less intense exaggeration of my eyes, its such a lovely dark bronze perfect to go with many key looks of the season. My choice of liner for my signature winged liner has been a black liner pen the Me Me Me Eye Sweep, I actually adore this, for such a low price its much better than most high street liner pens I've used. It hasn't dried yet and I have had it a while, the colour is strong and intense and the formula doesn't budge all day! Loving this!

(From Left to Right) Revlon Pink Crystals, MUA shade 11, Revlon Mauve It Over
My lipstick collection has become like lucky dip recently! I'm in midst of organizing my make up storage and all my lipsticks are jumbled inside a make up bag at the mo, so having a preference is pretty impossible! Even still one lipstick that I keep to the side because I know I can virtually rely on it for any occasion is Revlon's Mauve It Over. I know I bigged this up last month as well, but I totally love this lipstick, both colour and texture are both right up my street! Revlon are such a firm favourite for me when it comes to lip products. One other favourite I've had had for I think about eight years, has been Revlon's Lip gloss in Pink Crystals! I've adored this gloss since day one of my love affair with make up! Its a gorgeous peachy shade with tiny gold shimmers running through it. One of my best friends and I used to be obsessed with this gloss, its just that must have for a pretty, pink, glossy pout. A bolder lip fav that I have to include is a lipstick by MUA in shade 11. The inexpensive Superdrug brand has bowled me over with this lipstick. Its a has a creamy formula but the pigmentation is quite intense and does stain the lips. Above that the colour is really unusual much like a coral, pinky, brown... I don't know you guys tell me.

I'm rarely one to reach for just one fragrance for a long period of time but saying that I've had the Vera Wang Lovestruck for over a month now and I cannot stop spraying it. I've recommended this to nearly all my girlfriends and my mummy as its an amazing fruity floral scent that I think any girl would love. I don't think I've found anything more perfect for the summer time. Its sweet enough to make you feel dressed up and gorgeous yet, it has a lovely floral fresh side that really cheers you up. Definitely my most worn scent of the month! Being the clumsy oaf I am I've managed to damage the amazing bottle, a day of it rolling around in my hand bag resulted in one of the flowers breaking off and the ribbon untangling. This really upset my as one of the reasons I loved it was for the design of the bottle.

And that's all she wrote. Sorry if you guys feel its not as much as last time, but I there have been somethings I don't feel I've used for long enough, or some things that I've previously mentioned that I didn't think you needed to be reminded of or hear about just yet. Wishing you all a lovely day.

Hugs and Kisses


sonam_407 said...

Great post! I have been loving those blushes too. I have so many mac ones but always go back to Melba and Gingerly. I need to try out Sun Power it seems great! Also a big fan of Mauve it Over we have such similar taste!

BeautyStalker said...

Yes do try sun power I recommend it. Thankyou for the lovely comment xx