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REVLON - Gold Coin

Whilst browsing the Revlon counter at Boots recently, I managed too come across some of their new nail varnishes for this autumn/winter. One of my absolute favs is this gorgeous metallic colour in Gold Coin. Its a metallic rusty gold perfect for copy-catting that sassy Beyonce Knowles, minx nail look. Two coats will give you that even and opaque sheen, but no more than two I'd say.
Revlon nail varnishes are currently £4.29 instead of £6.29 at Boots. Have a run down and take a look guys they have some other pretty interesting shades and I believe another new sparkly one for A/W.
Let me know your opinions on gold nails, are you a fan or do you think their a tad too much?

Lots of Love

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cool metallic effect.