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Hello darlings I've just put my blog up on Bloglovin. Im totally new to the concept and very slow so please bear with me as I gradually understand what im doing *covers face in shame*.

Hope you've all had a a lovely day

Confessions of an Online-Mac-aholic

My name is Anastasia.... *deep breath*.... an I'm an online shopaholic.... No I really am! 75% of my shopping related activity takes place via my laptop. Its just a real convenience, sometimes elements of my day to day life don't allow me the time to get to the stores I want to go to. But that doesn't mean I don't know what I want. Like for instance I'm sure the Assistants at my local Mac are missing me. But even still I thought absence would make their hearts grow fonder, as I decided against the trek down there and opted for sitting on my bum and ordering some lovely items online. With the recent "summer" down pour who can blame a girl!

(left to right) Rimmel Nude Delight, MAC's Shy Girl
My fav foundation is the Pro Long wear NC42, and as I mentioned in an earlier post I had run out and had to replace this as soon as I could. The lipstick Shy Girl has been one that I've thought about getting every now and again. Its a lovely soft coral, nude, amazing as a warmer nude lip for the summer. I think its so similar to Rimmels Nude Delight but with slight pinky-coral undertones. Trace Gold has been a blush I've been brooding over for a while. I actually did a wish list post a while ago declaring my love. Now its mine *Golem voice* my precious! It is a gorgeous rose gold that honestly the swatch above doesn't do any justice to. Its packed with shimmer, not the usual blush I opt for but hey I personally think its the perfect shade to attempt that Beyonce diva glow... who run the world??!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post? What are your opinions of the products mentioned? Yes I am 100% lazy as an avid online shopper any other lazy bones out there enjoy the convenience of shopping online?

Thank you all for having a read

FOTD Using MAC Morange

Hello darlings! A few posts ago I let you guys know of my purchase of MAC's lovely lippy in Morange. Silly old me forgot to swatch it to show you all how "pow" of a colour it is.

Morange is definitely a lipstick meant for the brave! The colour is a beautiful orange shade with red undertones and I'm so in love with orange and coral this season, but I'm not altogether sure how well of a job I do at pulling it off. I'm such a natural introvert, in the way that I cannot stand anything that forces an "all-eyes-on me" reaction. But saying that the British public did seem quite kind. I didnt get any "what was she thinking" or "who does she think she is" stares... well none that I noticed, bear in mind I am short sighted :(

Products Used:
Mac Pro Longwear Foundation NC42
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Naturals Medium/Darl
Illamasqua Bronzer Burinish
Mac Powder Blush Gingerly
Mac Woodwinked e/s
Sleek Storm Palette (matte dark brown + metallic bronze)
Me me me Eyeliner Pen Black
Mac Kohl Teddy
Chantechaille Faux Ciles Mascara Noir
MAC Morange Lipstick
What do you think of Morange? Or bright lipsticks in general? What have been your fav lip colours of the season?
Hope you enjoyed dolls

Nivea Cocoa Butter Range

I know dont about you guys but when it comes to body skincare I am very much all over the place. I like to sample the goods and see whats out there, mostly I care to go for body butters, that offer a longevity of moisture yet does'nt form a layer of grease over the skin (hard to find). One of my favs in that department, that I actually happened to discover last year is the Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Butter. The smell has a gorgeous sweet nutty aroma, I found it much more subtle compared to the smell you'd get with Palmer's or The Body Shop's Body Butter which can actually be quite sickly. And it allowed that sensuous moisturising feeling, without that feeling of uncomfortable oiliness. I had spotted it on a shelf at a friends house, before then I didn't even realise Nivea even had a cocoa butter range to its name, which I think is probably the case for many others. So when I was asked by to review their Cocoa Butter range I couldn't say no.

Body Care

Alas I didn't receive my much desired body butter, but instead I was sent their Deep Conditioning Body Lotion and their Vitalising Gel Body Oil which seemed like quite an interesting product. And I was right, after having another glance at this I either predicted it to be ridiculously oily or totally thin and drying. The actual result was something in between, when rubbed between the hands and applied it feels very much like any other body oil (I am not a fan of body oils at all). But one thing I will give this is that it does absorb into the skin much quicker than any oil I've ever tried, after about half an hour my skin didn't necessarily feel basted and ready to be fried. I've applied it once or twice on my legs, where I have much more dry areas of skin and it did leave them feeling quite soft and quite glowy. All in all I'd say anyone suffering from dry skin around their body especially during the summer should definitely give this a try, though I personally wouldn't take it any higher than my legs.

The lotion was pretty basic, much like a watered down simulation of the Body Butter. Having said that I didn't see a too much of a difference in either product in terms of the results they each had on my more normal areas of skin. Even though the lotion has a much thinner formula it still left my skin on my arms and other areas of my body very moisturised. But with dryer areas on my legs I'd much prefer the Body Butter or maybe even the gel for much more moisture.
Lip Care

The Cocoa Butter Lip Care was nothing to write home about if I'm honest the same old petroleum jelly formula that often leaves my lips extremely greasy. If you remember in my favourites post I referred to the Vaseline Lip Care with Rose and Almond Oil, I much prefer this version as it has a much thinner formula, absorbs better and to be honest I only truly use it once in the morning whilst doing my make up. I could easily use either but I think I'm sticking with red instead of brown for now.

I'm not really a lip balm fan so the Lip Care in the Stick packaging went way over my head, I haven't bought a lip balm as such since secondary school. But I have been putting this one on before bed time and my lips feel amazing in the morning. I have found as well that its perfect over lipstick for neutralising an overpowering colour. Its much more thick than the petroleum jelly and sinks into your lips better as opposed to leaving a greasy layer over them.

All in all I love the fact that Nivea has introduced this range; cocoa butter has much more intensive moisturising properties and for dry skin sufferers I think these products would be amazing. The smell as well is positively delicious, sweet but not sickly, warm but not overpowering. The Body Butter is still my most favourite and after enjoying the lovely scent in this line I think I'm going to pop down to Asda tonight and pick up a tub!

Have a lovely day folks

Products I've Finished

Hello Guys! This is a little random and some may even call it rubbish... hehe geddit... *coughs* I've realised this week that I've actually found myself in need to get down to the shops as I seem to have run out of quite alot. So I thought I'd share with you a few beauty products that I've found myself short of this month.

  • Botanics Heat Protection Spray I will definitely be repurchasing this as its one of few heat protection sprays that doesn't leave my hair feeling dry or crispy afterwards. The smell is delightful, and I cant quite recall the exact price of this but I'm pretty sure it was around a fiver.
  • Mac's Pro Long wear Foundation NC42 you may recognize this foundation from my June favourites post and another one of these bad boys is well on its way to being delivered to me. I love it! I managed to struggle through a week without this foundation and finally caved in today. If you have normal/combination skin I'd definitely recommend checking this out.
  • Superdrug Pore Strips I do suffer with an oily t-zone and huge pores around my nose so I try and incorporate pore strips as part of my home spa routine (skin care post to come). I've used Biore' strips since my teens but they are a tad pricey at around £10, whereas again I cant remember the full price of these Superdrug ones, but I'd say around or under a fiver. They work just as well if not better than the Biore', they might be a tad on the strong side, but that's the strength I personally look for.
  • Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise EDP I have actually repurchased this fragrance about three times since I turned sixteen. Its such a musky floral fragrance that just screams summer evening! I first stole this from my mum, and when I discovered how many compliments wearing this fragrance had earned me I decided from there on out that this was a must have in my collection. I will probably get this back in my life within the next few weeks but I'm undecided about purchasing this one or trying out another summer fragrance heavyweight (suggestions welcome). Needless to say I'll be having a play in Boots perfume aisle whilst making my decision. 
And whilst we're on the subject of things I love. I thought I'd share with you guys two of my guilty pleasures at the moment. Firstly

Image from Google Images
I am obsessed with pretty little liars! I totally HAVE to watch it once a week, in silence, with a mug of hot chocolate! Please don't ask why, I really do not know... maybe its the immaculate make up, or the ominous story lines, but anyway I am tuned into MTV Shows weekly for this! If anyone knows info about any box sets please get at me!

Image from Google images
Secondly Salt & Vinegar Snack-a-jacks... let me explain. After realising that being in my early 20's is not a period in my life that I need spend unhappy about my weight I have decided to take action. I am NOT striving to be skinny I'd be happy with losing a stone maybe a bit more. Anyway I'm NOT dieting but I have altered my diet, incorporating in foods lower in fat, I've swapped white bread and chips for wholemeal pitta bread. I'm not going to lie it sucks! I can eat all the fruit in the world but none of it tastes like chocolate! But on the plus side, my savory taste buds (which are addicted to salt & vinegar crisps) have fallen in love with snack-a-jacks. I'm actually really glad I like them, as a 22g bag only has 1.6 grams of fat as opposed to a bag of walkers that contains 8.3grams. Winning me-thinks!

Hope you guys found this post useful, if you have any products you've found yourself repurchasing please share? And if you have any questions about the products featured above please don't hesitate to ask

Have a nice day loves

My First Favs June 2011

Heya loves!!! I'm so excited to do my first ever favourites post! I'm so sorry this is definitely later than I wanted to put this up. I love reading the list of fav's on my fav bloggers posts and it really helps me think of products I could also incorporate into my day to day routines. So without further delay

Hair & Skincare

One of the main products I have been excited about using in my hair has been the most hyped Moroccan Oil. I personally use this as part of my leave in conditioning routine whilst my hair is still damp, and after day to day styling. This leaves my hair baby soft! They say if it ain't broke don't fix it and this seems to be my skin care moto of the month. And Neutrogenas Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask which has never hurt me has definitely stayed firm as part of my cleansing routine, I'm not a general fan of the mask though but as a wash it works quite well.


My got to foundation and maybe my HG foundation has to be the MAC Pro Long wear Foundation NC42, I always feel a little boring when saluting MAC products but this foundation gives me everything I ask for. An even medium base, works well to even my skin tone with a finish that I wouldn't necessarily describe as matte because it doesn't leave my face taught or dry. But matte enough and long wearing on my combination skin. I'm actually set to repurchase another bottle as mine has just finished. And I also want to give a brief shout out to my Mac MSFN in medium dark, which is a dream to set my foundation with! It melts seamlessly into the skin, refusing to show up cakey or ashy at all! Loves! Another great find of the month has been Collection 2000's Lasting Perfecting concealer in 04 Deep. This concealer actually applies beautifully, giving full coverage for my dark circles and lasts a substantial amount of time, for £4.19 its more than worth it.


I've kind of been all over the place in terms of contouring. Its been a showdown between my Illamasqua bronzer in Burnish; which gives a nice healthy sun kissed glow, to the point where I've received compliments from other people as to how healthy I look with this on. Another is the Barry M Dazzle its a lovely mauve-brown with the faintest hint of shimmer, which works nicely for a healthier contour. For my cheeks I've been loving Mac's Creme Blend blush in Lady blush, its a lovely pink, very suitable for all skin tones, whilst the creme blend formula gives you a healthiness to your face. Another fav I've dug out of the back is my Creme Colour Base in Virgin Isle, those that are familiar with this product will know how shocking it is the very first time you work with it. This needs a very light hand to apply, and leaves a gorgeous coral flush on the cheeks. Another massive product has been Mac's Peach twist Blush, its an absolutely gorgeous deeper peach colour packed with shimmer. Definitely one to use without a highlighter!


My eye routine has totally switched up in the past few weeks or so, I've given up my usual smokey crease look for either a whole wash of gold on the lid such as Mac's Wood winked (a bronze-gold). Or I've been leaving my lid totally bare with just a touch of gold like Mac's Creme Colour base in Pearl; in the tear duct to open up the eye. My mascara routine has been its usual fully loaded self! I've been piling on my favourite mascara Loreals Volume Millions in extra black but on top I've also been adding Collection 2000's Big Fake Lash mascara as a top coat. Unlike the volume millions this mascara does nothing for my lashes on its own, but when layered on top it does give that extra touch of pow! On top of that its also waterproof, great for non smudging! With the current bi-polar weather we're experiencing in London its probably safe to know that any dark eye products, would work best if waterproof, and with being a winged liner addict I turned to Lord & Berry's Waterproof Liquid Liner in black. This has a great applicator, very easy to work with and it doesn't budge.


I'm a big loather of my lips left bare, leaving them naked just wont do. So I do usually prefer lipsticks over glosses. But the Revlon Colour Burst lip gloss in Peony is a dream. Its a thick, non-sticky gloss with with a few particles of glitter in the formula, the colour has a hint of deep rose and it last for ages on the lips. Nars Turkish Delight is an odd favourite for me as for the longest time this gloss was my deepest regret, the colour was just to pale on me and I saw very little solution. But for the moment I'm loving pairing this with deeper lipstick shades. Plus I cant fault the formula on Nars Lipgloss's their damn near perfect I also love the Vaseline Lip care with Rose and Almond Oil, its the same petroleum Jelly formula but much better tailored for the lips, I apply it before I begin my make up routine and it sinks perfectly into my lips when I get to them. I don't know if the has something to do with the added oils but I'm very pleased. For my lipstick loves I have to firstly praise one of my favourite lipsticks whatever the weather or season Revlon's Matte lipstick in Mauve It Over. This is a gorgeous pastel, mauve-pink, even though the formula is matte it does glide on with a creamy matte finish. My other lippy love has to be Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine in Evasion, this is a lovely balmy lipstick that requires no gloss, the colour is slightly peachy, which I think would suit many. And Last but not least Mac's Creme Cup is another winner, I'd describe the colour as a softer version of Angel, in a lovely creme sheen formula.