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Hello Guys! This is a little random and some may even call it rubbish... hehe geddit... *coughs* I've realised this week that I've actually found myself in need to get down to the shops as I seem to have run out of quite alot. So I thought I'd share with you a few beauty products that I've found myself short of this month.

  • Botanics Heat Protection Spray I will definitely be repurchasing this as its one of few heat protection sprays that doesn't leave my hair feeling dry or crispy afterwards. The smell is delightful, and I cant quite recall the exact price of this but I'm pretty sure it was around a fiver.
  • Mac's Pro Long wear Foundation NC42 you may recognize this foundation from my June favourites post and another one of these bad boys is well on its way to being delivered to me. I love it! I managed to struggle through a week without this foundation and finally caved in today. If you have normal/combination skin I'd definitely recommend checking this out.
  • Superdrug Pore Strips I do suffer with an oily t-zone and huge pores around my nose so I try and incorporate pore strips as part of my home spa routine (skin care post to come). I've used Biore' strips since my teens but they are a tad pricey at around £10, whereas again I cant remember the full price of these Superdrug ones, but I'd say around or under a fiver. They work just as well if not better than the Biore', they might be a tad on the strong side, but that's the strength I personally look for.
  • Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise EDP I have actually repurchased this fragrance about three times since I turned sixteen. Its such a musky floral fragrance that just screams summer evening! I first stole this from my mum, and when I discovered how many compliments wearing this fragrance had earned me I decided from there on out that this was a must have in my collection. I will probably get this back in my life within the next few weeks but I'm undecided about purchasing this one or trying out another summer fragrance heavyweight (suggestions welcome). Needless to say I'll be having a play in Boots perfume aisle whilst making my decision. 
And whilst we're on the subject of things I love. I thought I'd share with you guys two of my guilty pleasures at the moment. Firstly

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I am obsessed with pretty little liars! I totally HAVE to watch it once a week, in silence, with a mug of hot chocolate! Please don't ask why, I really do not know... maybe its the immaculate make up, or the ominous story lines, but anyway I am tuned into MTV Shows weekly for this! If anyone knows info about any box sets please get at me!

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Secondly Salt & Vinegar Snack-a-jacks... let me explain. After realising that being in my early 20's is not a period in my life that I need spend unhappy about my weight I have decided to take action. I am NOT striving to be skinny I'd be happy with losing a stone maybe a bit more. Anyway I'm NOT dieting but I have altered my diet, incorporating in foods lower in fat, I've swapped white bread and chips for wholemeal pitta bread. I'm not going to lie it sucks! I can eat all the fruit in the world but none of it tastes like chocolate! But on the plus side, my savory taste buds (which are addicted to salt & vinegar crisps) have fallen in love with snack-a-jacks. I'm actually really glad I like them, as a 22g bag only has 1.6 grams of fat as opposed to a bag of walkers that contains 8.3grams. Winning me-thinks!

Hope you guys found this post useful, if you have any products you've found yourself repurchasing please share? And if you have any questions about the products featured above please don't hesitate to ask

Have a nice day loves


Anto Terese said...

thanks for the super sweet comment!! Im yet to watch pretty little liars but i hear people rave about it ALL the time! Is it to late for me try to tune in? lol

:) - anto

BeautyStalker said...

Your very welcome hunny! I love it its great I dont think its ever to late every episode tackles a different issue. Watch it you'll love! xx

Anonymous said...

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