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Nivea Cocoa Butter Range

I know dont about you guys but when it comes to body skincare I am very much all over the place. I like to sample the goods and see whats out there, mostly I care to go for body butters, that offer a longevity of moisture yet does'nt form a layer of grease over the skin (hard to find). One of my favs in that department, that I actually happened to discover last year is the Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Butter. The smell has a gorgeous sweet nutty aroma, I found it much more subtle compared to the smell you'd get with Palmer's or The Body Shop's Body Butter which can actually be quite sickly. And it allowed that sensuous moisturising feeling, without that feeling of uncomfortable oiliness. I had spotted it on a shelf at a friends house, before then I didn't even realise Nivea even had a cocoa butter range to its name, which I think is probably the case for many others. So when I was asked by to review their Cocoa Butter range I couldn't say no.

Body Care

Alas I didn't receive my much desired body butter, but instead I was sent their Deep Conditioning Body Lotion and their Vitalising Gel Body Oil which seemed like quite an interesting product. And I was right, after having another glance at this I either predicted it to be ridiculously oily or totally thin and drying. The actual result was something in between, when rubbed between the hands and applied it feels very much like any other body oil (I am not a fan of body oils at all). But one thing I will give this is that it does absorb into the skin much quicker than any oil I've ever tried, after about half an hour my skin didn't necessarily feel basted and ready to be fried. I've applied it once or twice on my legs, where I have much more dry areas of skin and it did leave them feeling quite soft and quite glowy. All in all I'd say anyone suffering from dry skin around their body especially during the summer should definitely give this a try, though I personally wouldn't take it any higher than my legs.

The lotion was pretty basic, much like a watered down simulation of the Body Butter. Having said that I didn't see a too much of a difference in either product in terms of the results they each had on my more normal areas of skin. Even though the lotion has a much thinner formula it still left my skin on my arms and other areas of my body very moisturised. But with dryer areas on my legs I'd much prefer the Body Butter or maybe even the gel for much more moisture.
Lip Care

The Cocoa Butter Lip Care was nothing to write home about if I'm honest the same old petroleum jelly formula that often leaves my lips extremely greasy. If you remember in my favourites post I referred to the Vaseline Lip Care with Rose and Almond Oil, I much prefer this version as it has a much thinner formula, absorbs better and to be honest I only truly use it once in the morning whilst doing my make up. I could easily use either but I think I'm sticking with red instead of brown for now.

I'm not really a lip balm fan so the Lip Care in the Stick packaging went way over my head, I haven't bought a lip balm as such since secondary school. But I have been putting this one on before bed time and my lips feel amazing in the morning. I have found as well that its perfect over lipstick for neutralising an overpowering colour. Its much more thick than the petroleum jelly and sinks into your lips better as opposed to leaving a greasy layer over them.

All in all I love the fact that Nivea has introduced this range; cocoa butter has much more intensive moisturising properties and for dry skin sufferers I think these products would be amazing. The smell as well is positively delicious, sweet but not sickly, warm but not overpowering. The Body Butter is still my most favourite and after enjoying the lovely scent in this line I think I'm going to pop down to Asda tonight and pick up a tub!

Have a lovely day folks

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