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Confessions of an Online-Mac-aholic

My name is Anastasia.... *deep breath*.... an I'm an online shopaholic.... No I really am! 75% of my shopping related activity takes place via my laptop. Its just a real convenience, sometimes elements of my day to day life don't allow me the time to get to the stores I want to go to. But that doesn't mean I don't know what I want. Like for instance I'm sure the Assistants at my local Mac are missing me. But even still I thought absence would make their hearts grow fonder, as I decided against the trek down there and opted for sitting on my bum and ordering some lovely items online. With the recent "summer" down pour who can blame a girl!

(left to right) Rimmel Nude Delight, MAC's Shy Girl
My fav foundation is the Pro Long wear NC42, and as I mentioned in an earlier post I had run out and had to replace this as soon as I could. The lipstick Shy Girl has been one that I've thought about getting every now and again. Its a lovely soft coral, nude, amazing as a warmer nude lip for the summer. I think its so similar to Rimmels Nude Delight but with slight pinky-coral undertones. Trace Gold has been a blush I've been brooding over for a while. I actually did a wish list post a while ago declaring my love. Now its mine *Golem voice* my precious! It is a gorgeous rose gold that honestly the swatch above doesn't do any justice to. Its packed with shimmer, not the usual blush I opt for but hey I personally think its the perfect shade to attempt that Beyonce diva glow... who run the world??!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post? What are your opinions of the products mentioned? Yes I am 100% lazy as an avid online shopper any other lazy bones out there enjoy the convenience of shopping online?

Thank you all for having a read


JC ♔ said...

I LOL'd so hard at the Golem part... but anyway, I too and an online shopaholic, especially when it comes to MAC and Sephora. I just can't help it either.

Awesome haul btw. I've been meaning to get Shy Girl too.

BeautyStalker said...

Haha I'm glad theres more of us out there! Shy girl has been on my mental wish list for a while its fab I recommend it! xxx

Morgan A. said...

I love Shy Girl. I think its a color that would look great on alot of women of color. & online shopping gets me into sooo much trouble. When I shop in stores I rarely buy anything but online...oh boyyy

BeautyStalker said...

I agree its an amazing nude for women of colour! me too online is too much temptation x

Get Gawjus! said...

I really wan to get that MAC foundation now. I've heard so many good things about it!

Lovelyladyjb said...

Love online shopping! Nothing wrong with that! :) May have to try shy girl!