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Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: Review

Hello guys! I thought that now that I'm reaching the end with one of my most reached for products, now would be a good a time as any to review it for you. I picked up the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm back in May, after reading reviews and the description online in my mind it seemed like a pretty decent buy for the summer time. Its described online as "An instant radiance booster" which obviously gave me the idea to use this for a nice summer glow; "Skin feels softer the complexion appears brighter and more radiant. Enhances make-up's luminous appearance and lasting wear." My idea was to have this glow through a light application of foundation and keep my face glistening (the right way) in the sunshine.

Did it work?
Sort of, is the best answer I can come up with in relation to this question. The product gave me an instant glow all round, that neither made me appear sweaty or greasy. Before I became dedicated to my MUFE primer I used this moisturiser as a base for my foundation, to test the theory of enhancing make up's appearance and wear. When applying my foundation ontop of this I definitely saw that glow penetrating through, but because I mostly use my Pro Longwear foundation I probably couldn't give you a 100% accurate explanation as to whether it helfdmy foundation in there for longer. Nothing is going to work to increase the wear of your foundation more so than an actual primer. But on the basis of that healthy glow, I definitely saw it shine through my base for atleast the first couple hours or so.

The other benefits are its sweet cinammon like scent, that some may like or dislike, but I personally enjoyed, and also its lightweight but effective texture. As someone with combination skin I found it works nicely to moisturise but not in anyway increase the production of oil in areas like my t-zone, it did nothing to prevent it persay, but then again nothing to encourage it. If you find you do enjoy this as a moisturser, but suffer from oily areas, maybe finding a light mattifying serum to use underneath or mattifyng primer to use on top may solve the problem for oilier skin. Another bonus would be for those who think its about time to try anti-aging products as its described to "Work instantly to promote firmer looking features and reduce the appearance of fine lines." Saying that, I think because of its light weight and sublte texture, younger skins could enjoy using this with a tinted moisturiser for a natural glow. And apparently you can use this as a mask once a week or so by applying it all over the face for 10-15 mins, I personally never did this so I couldnt tell you if there are any benefits to this, all I can say is the tube seems to small for me to waste loads on masking *shrugs*.
All in all I did enjoy my time using this moisturiser and am a little sad its almost gone, I would definitely repurchase again in the future, as it is a nice one to have around. 

Have any of you guys tried the Beauty Flash Balm? If so what did you think, would you repurchase? Or are any of you interested in trying it in the future?

Wishin you a lovely day

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