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Gone Madly For NARS

Hello lovely ladies! First of all let me begin for humbly apologising for the lack of posts for the past two months. I have been absolutely swamped; if it wasn't work, it was uni, if it wasn't uni, it was my attempt to have a life. But anyway regardless I am deeply regretful at the way I've neglected my blog, and I can promise you that the posts are going to be coming in thick and fast from here on out.

This week I picked up the blush Madly from NARS, the deep sandy bronzey blush attracted me instantly. I usually dump most of my peachy and pink blushes when the sun gets a bit stronger, and stick to my peachy bronzers to stand out on the apples of my cheeks.

I love the healthy glow this gives me, and needless to say the pigmentation is amazing! This is my second ever NARS blusher, my first being the highly coveted Orgasm, I'm loving the subtle glow that a NARS blush seems to inhabit. I will be posting images of me going mad with madly very soon!

without flash

with flash

Thank you guys for stopping by, wishing you a lovely day


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