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In The Still Of The Night

Heya dolls, lately I've realised that n comparison to other Beauty Bloggers my eyeshadow collection is a little whimpy. Im not a massive shadow junkie, I dont lack as much self control when purchasing shadows as with say my lipsticks. But with my recent introduction to NARS eyeshadows I've become a little lovestruck. My purchase of the shadow Galapogos, which I have to say is the best eyeshadow I've ever worked with, has made me want more, MORE!

After browsing on the NARS website I came across their Limted Edition Night Series Palette. Do I even need to waste words advocating for this.

The colours are beyond gorgeous, the perfect shades for a winter night out.

(from left to right) Night Star, Night Clubbing, Night Porter, Night Rider, Night Flight, Night Breed

The shades are rich, highly pigmented, easily blended and fabulous! My favourites so far are Night Star (gorgeous peachy colour with shimmer) & Night Breed ( black packed with silver glitter)

If your into a little lid luxury then defo take a look online or in-store.

What do you guys think of the palette? What are your shadow collections like? Do you ever find yourself collecting more variations of one type of make up item than the other?

Love & hugs


Carissa said...

What a gorgeous Pallete! their so sparkly <3 Cant wait to see a FOTN with these eyeshadows!

xxx Carissa

BeautyStalker said...

Aw I know I can never say no to sparkle lol. I cant wait either :) xxx

kellyyes said...

so jealous. i saw this come out and i have been eying it. i love the nars night collection of eye shadows. i try not to build up so many eye shadows but it is hard!