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My Secret Weapon & Frizz Fighter

You're going to have to bare with me as I try to find the words to express my love for this little baby right here:

This little guy is my ultimate secret weapon when battling the daily wear and tear that occurs in frizz-prone Britain. Being of mixed origin and living in the UK make an interesting combination for you hair, especially given as even the slightest hint of bad weather or humidity will cause your hair to spiral into an un-known state. This being my most common problem with my hair I have spent literally a lifetime searching for a solution to my frizzy blues. Out of curiosity one day in boots I stumbled upon this little miracle The Botanics Shine Infusion Serum, alongside its handy partner the Heat Protection Mist:

These two work perfectly together, starting firstly with the protection mist when tackling my shame full daily heat styling. And then following with the serum, which works like a dream controlling frizz, fly aways or any loose unruly hairs. Even when I don't bring out the GHD's, or rather when I'm running late and I only have time to maybe flick the top half my hair (a usual occurrence), I can still run the serum through my ends and maintain that bed-head wavy look but still keep the style under control. Adding to its already amazing benefits it also adds an amazing shine to the hair making it look healthy and lustrous. And both the serum and protection mist have an amazing smell, kind of like the smell you would imagine walking through a rain forest.

All in all an amazing fluke buy, and a now life-long partnership. Thumbs up Botanics!

Botanics Hair Shine Infusion Serum 30ml £4.07
Botanics Heat Protection Mist 150m £4.50

Both available at Boots
Do let me know if guys have tried this or any other hair products in the Botanics range and what you thought of the results?

Hope you have a lovely weekend

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