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Lost My Style

When one hears the epic cries of "Noooooooooooo" booming from the room of a make up obssesse there's usually a 98% chance that they've just broken one of their most worn treasures. In my case this was in fact what had occurred. As I desperately knelt down to gather the broken remains of one of my favourite blushes I actually wondered to myself if tears would be a valid offering of grief for this moment.... Ok it wasn't that dramatic but I was rightfully upset,

Style by MAC has been one of my favourite make up items, not just blushes since I picked it up in June last year. The peachy/coral frost powder blush was a near perfect fit to the colour of my natural blush, it gave me an immediate glow, even though it is a frost with a slight gold shimmer that I usually don't like in blushes, the shimmer was never overwhelming and never gave that sweaty or metallic look.

All in all I loved it dearly but not to worry as the parts I managed to salvage in the container should still be enough to last me a while, even though I hate using a broken powder product because I think u end up getting more product on your brush than necessary. But if all else fails the only plus side is that style is part of MAC's permanent collection so if the going gets tough I can also repurchase. With all the peachy tones coming out in the spring i was hoping to rock this out more often :'(

Another great plus point to this blush is that its an excellent dupe for the most coveted "stereo rose msf" part of the MAC In The Groove collection. Many were not able to purchase this as it was sold out so quickly in store and online that it became almost impossible to get your hands on it. But style is a perfect match, and to me even more wearable as its on the less shimmery side.

Above: MAC Stereo Rose MSF, Below: MAC Style Powder Blush

Style is part of MAC's permanent collection and can be purchased at any MAC counter or online at http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/

Please feel free to share with me any major make up loss's you guys have incurred accidentally, or if you've ever tried the blush Style please let me know your opinions?

Have an amazing day dolls

*Apologies for the picture quality guys, I'm due to purchase a better camera and my Mac book pro next month, but I love blogging so much I cant wait till then to put up a post. I hope you guys can bare with me while I try and get everything sorted in terms of quality and in the mean time enjoy the posts that I can put up for now. March will be a better blogging month for sure ;-)


Sassi said...

wow, what a great colour!

AVY said...

Aw, poor thing :)

Ms. Nik said...

Yes that just happened to me a few day ago to a product that is discontinued... :(

BeautyStalker said...

@Sassi I know its such a lovely colour

@AVY thanks hun was really upset

@Ms. Nik Oh no that would actually wind me up! *hugs*