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Women In Support Of Women

Heya sweeties, hope you've all had a lovely week, and are all relaxing pleasantly on this lovely Sunday. Today I wanted to talk about something a bit different, I want to give my personal opinions on a subject that's actually really hit me alot lately.

I am firm believer in women supporting other women. I think there's so much male perspective around in the world today, through media, music and even fashion. Theres no denying it we do live in a mans world with alot of stereotypes and pressure's on all of us to be the "perfect woman". The "perfect woman" stigma can mean different things to different people, to some it may effect them outwardly in terms of how they dress, or their looks in general. And to others this pressure could be felt in terms of over all life achievement's, i.e; career, education, motherhood.

Through my own life experience's and just by actively living in the world today, I truly believe there is alot put upon a woman's shoulders to attain a certain level of beauty and/or achievement's. We are constantly judged by men on how we look and if we are suitable enough to their perceptions of an "ideal woman". But whats worse is that we are also constantly judged by each other, as if in competition for rewards, we're not even aware of. Day after day we are in constant criticism of one female or another, ranging from celebrities, random females around us, and even close friends.  As a race we have allowed ourselves to be able to be pit against one another, by bitching, gossiping and slating each other in the attempt to incur a downfall of the other person in someone else's eyes.

It's a shame when you think of it. Gossip magz filled with female columnists eager to rip apart at a young woman's weight loss or gain just because she happens to be famous. Supposed friends discussing one anothers personal details with other people to belittle that person. Females generally forming snappy or bitchy comments in relation to another females appearance or any other aspects of her life. No I'm not a martyr, of course I've been guilty of doing the same at one point or another, but in all honesty I don't regard myself a "bitchy" person. Whenever I have been guilty of being a tad "bitchy" about another female I instinctively recognize the feeling of insecurity, and I know you ladies feel it too. When we put down another woman we do it in an attempt to tell ourselves or someone else that "shes not more special than us", or "she's not in fact that much better than me as first thought."

But no matter how much we dress up the way we say it, jealousy is still ugly. Men recognize it on us and we recognize it on each other and it isn't attractive at all. And whats worse is that it doesn't even make us feel any better...does it? Taking glee in Beyonce Knowles losing or gaining weight doesn't make her any more or less amazing and talented. Saying that Kim Kardashian has had surgery anyway doesn't make her any less beautiful. Laughing at Britney Spears breakdown doesn't take away from all she's achieved.

I know this sounds a tad preachy girlie's, but I know you guys must relate to what I'm saying. There's no denying it, but whats important is recognizing it. If you have a friend that you have to gossip about then you are threatened by her, no matter what negatives you can say about her life, the fact that you are using energy to negatively bring her down means you are doing this to soothe your own ego. And that goes for any other female, because if you didn't care you wouldn't waste you're time being so eager to bring these negatives into light.

So ladies its about time we recognize what we're doing to each other, and yes it is us that are more guilty of it than the guys. Its about time we look at one another and stop comparing our lives and looks. And if you feel that this is something that you do constantly than you have to address your insecurities, because chances are if you're a bitchy person, then you are incredibly insecure. And its not her, its you! No matter what you say about her to make her seem less than what she is, it doesn't change you, it doesn't change your problems or what insecurities lay in your life. If you have a friend that you feel is doing wrong then be a friend and tell her, don't tell others in an attempt to reduce their opinion of her.

I've seen so much hate crime lately ladies and when you actually find yourself in the company of supportive females, it make you even more sensitive to the hating projected in this world, by one woman to another. I'm very pro-woman, this life is so hard for us, its full of tests and pitfalls, and instead of judging and dragging each other down, we really need to project the positivity of being a woman in the 21st century. We need to hail positive icons and even if we feel someone is acting in a wrong way or in a way different to us, we should still respect a grown woman decision to just be. I think having this kind of attitude gives off a positivity to younger and more impressionable girls growing up. We go into puberty, and the rest of our lives, and every step is scary, and with every step we are learning but also constantly being judged.

Lets ease the pressure on each other ay? Sorry this has been such a long post guys, it just something that has been on mind alot lately. And as you should know my blog is about all things beauty related, but also I thought I'd highlight inner beauty today :-). Below are some inspirational females that truly inspire me personally, in terms of my goals, my personal ambitions and also my style:

Her style, her grace, her talent and integrity. Alicia Key's is a truly beautiful and together woman. Letting her talent speak for itself, she is a natural and admirable person. Using her position and fame to bring attention to charities and organizations world wide.

My favourite of the Kardashian clan. Kourtney Kardashian is stylish, ambitious, sweet and has a great sense of humour. She's a devoted Mother and business woman as the main face pushing Dash the store owned and run by the family. Those that watch the show know she is loyal, cute and has overcome her share of struggles.

Jennifer Lopez is more than a booty; shes an amazing and progressive brand. This former dancer from the inner city has become a global superstar, designer and reputable judge. To me she has always come across as strong, feisty and independent.

Some may deem Mariah Carey as a stone cold diva. But why does that have to be a bad thing? To me she's strong, talented and very in charge of herself. Those that know about her early career know that she was in a controlling relationship. But just like a typical Aries, Mariah is a leader and has taken charge of her own career.

When I see Tyra Banks I know never to underestimate beauty. This mogul started off being known for her looks but has built an empire. A worldwide hit with ANTM, her own successful chat show and a lucrative production company. Not to mention she's tried her hand at acting and singing.

Hope you guys have an amazing week. Please do leave your opinions on this post, I am very interested in reading them

Lots of Love


**OnYxStA** said...

such classics. i'm liking kourtney's grown up style but her personality peeves me the hell off...

Xisses, Onyxsta


LaaLaa Monroe said...

Thanks for your positive comment on my blog lovely.

It's so true, instead of building, influencing and supporting another woman we are TOO QUICK way too quick to bring them down.

I feel if one hasn't got anything positive to say and unless it's positive feedback one should stay quiet. It's not needed, keep it to yourself.

Put the negativity into something more positive. Each woman has something to give. We may be similar in a lot of ways but we all have individual qualities that make us who we are and no-one should take that from another.

You know the battle I've been experiencing as of late and it can knock the wind out of you as you feel unsupported but really there is that support even if it's not shown all the time someone enjoys what you do and who you are.

We really have to re-evaluate how we are with another female .

BeautyStalker said...

@LaaLaa Monroe You are so right babe! Its an old line but so true that if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. Theres class in just not stooping to that level. I really felt strongly about the post you had up a week ago. It made me so angry that your blog is about inspiring other women to look beautiful and to share the ways in which you make yourself feel beautiful (and you bloody well are!)and yet someone would use any opportunity to bring you down. Even though we know their chatting absolute crap, as women we're all aware of how insecurities can pop into your head regardless.
People need to stop spreading their insecurities around and stand up and ask themselves why they feel the need to be negative. xxx

BeautyStalker said...

@**OnYxStA** I definitely love Kourtneys style since she became a mummy very cute :)x