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Dont Judge My Fantasy

Ok I know a "celeb perfume" the terrony! Dont get any ideas ok, this isnt my usual buy, I too have walked past that section in the perfume isle filled with the "cheaper" scents launched by celebs in their various attempts to force their way into our lives... Ok that was a little bitter *shocked face*. But seriously we've all at some point fronted like we would never go there, and if we have then we've acted like we're now above, lets see a show of hands. Yep thought so, but as we share that little moment we also all share a secret; there is always that one, that we love. Theres always that scent that strikes us as yum, and we battle our inner divas in confusion as we cant help our want for our guilty pleasure.

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And I've been battling, goodness I've been battling with whether or not to give in to my weakness for Britney Spears Fantasy EDP. I first spritzed it on my arm two years ago but by mistake bought the Hidden Fantasy instead, which may I add, I loathed. So I took this as a sign, it wasnt meant to be. But yet the sweetness of the perfume stayed with me, and do you know what! I love Britney! Yeah I said it, I love her I truly think the girl has had too much fame to quickly and had a major breakdown, and I for one am proud shes got her act together. But anyway let this be about what it is, I love this scent, taboo aside its sweet, its girly, its soft, and I swear it smells like candy. It might not be for everyone, some may find it way too sweet, maybe even a little sickly, but in all honesty I personally consider it to be a cute and afordable scent for the day time. Something you can spray on when your not looking to get any attention and just want to smell a little sweet.

I suck big time at describing fragrances, so I'll show you how its described online:
The story of Fantasy Britney Spears unfolds with lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi. It continues with the scents of cupcakes, sexy white chocolate orchid and jasmine petals and draws to a close with the scents of creamy musk, orris root and sensual woods.

I've placed my bottle of Fantasy next to my Marc Jacobs Lola and my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Next time you're at a perfume counter sample this and see what you think, I think we've all been perfume snobs for way too long. And to be honest I'm almost twenty three, I for one feel too old to be cool.

Hope you enjoyed my latest little bit of beauty turmoil guys, let me know you're thoughts on Fantasy even if you want to scold me for loving it, but I'd love to hear some comments from some more of you who love it too, lets represent!

Lol hope you're all well guys


Steph1990 said...

I love Fantasy! I actually like all of Britneys perfumes... my boyfriend always compliments me when I wear it, although my mum thinks its too sickly.
Totally agree with you about the celeb pefumes, although i must admit i've fallen for them a few times! (Paris Hilton's ones pretty good too I think)

BeautyStalker said...

Awww thats so strange my mum also hates it yet my boyfriend thinks its lovely. Iv got a couple other guilty pleasure's love Mariah Careys ones also, havent tried paris hiltons but I've heard its just as sweet lol xx