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Girl About Town

Any true MAC devotee will already guess the contents of this post. A couple of days ago a friend of mine mentioned on her blackberry messenger status that she had orderd the infamous MAC Girl About Town lipstick, I then quickly came alive and pinged her promptely to let her know how much I love it. To which she replied "how am I not suprised you have it", my reputation definitely proceeds me.

And I have to thank my lovely friend for reminding me exactly how much I have loved this l/s, it hadnt seen much of the light of day since the s/s coral and peach trends popped up. But rocking it out today I definitely rememberd sometimes we make our own trends work.

Girl About Town is a bright deep fuschia which has an amplified finish, perfectly long wearing for such a bold colour. Its lovely worn during the day with a nice neutral eye or partnerd with a soft smokey eye and lots of lashes for the evening. Gorgeously suited to a girl about town ;-)

Im not too sure if I would be considerd a girl about town today though. My biggest highlights of the day were finally getting my eyebrows waxed after maybe three months of growing out the damage an amatuer threader inflicted upon them.  Some light shopping this morning with a friend I hadnt seen for quite a while. And ofcourse I also joined the gym today.

 I generally need to lose about a stone and a half to feel more confident about my body but added to that I've also put on a few pounds recently when I was struck hard with flu. A week straight of sitting in bed coughing my life away, not moving and eating a considerable amount hasnt exactly done me any favours.

How have you guys spent your day about town? How do you guys feel about this lipstick? Do you have any bold lippy favs?

Hope your all well lovelies


Stephanie said...

I must be the only blogger that hasn't tried MAC! I'm definitely going to have to invest it looks good, loving your blog!


BeautyStalker said...

Thanku hun. I must though the obssession starts from here lol x

Cee Harvey said...

amazing lip colour! xx


BeautyStalker said...

Thanks hun! Yeah I love it x

LaaLaa Monroe said...

I love how Girl about town looks on so many people.

I love bold lipsticks - sleek have some nice ones.

-- Im with you on the weight loss I got about 2stone to drop *sighs*

Good luck honey.

BeautyStalker said...

I know hun I've seen soo many reviews on the sleek lipsticks including yours which was amazing! But my local superdrug is a disgrace I need to check out some others.
Thanks you for the enocuragemnt babe! Weightloss is such a daunting subject just the mention makes me depressed :( atleast I'm not alone! We can do it =D!!! xxx

JC! :) said...

Girl About Town is my favorite lipstick. :) Second is Candy Yum Yum. You really rock GAT! Also, love your blog. New follower. ;)

BeautyStalker said...

Awww thanku my darling XD its def one of my favourites too.xx

The Cat Hag said...

You look awesome with that lippie on! :)

The Cat Hag

BeautyStalker said...

Thanku soo much =D xxx

Ashli said...

I love that colour! It looks really nice on you. :)

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www.soloconcepts.blogspot.com ♥

BeautyStalker said...

Thanks soo muh darling x

Chantelle said...

You are gorgeous ! & this colour looks amazing on you :)
I'll definitely check this lipstick shade out, next time I hit the MAC counter :)

BeautyStalker said...

Thanku beautiful! yeah definitely do its a great colour xx