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Looking Healthy And Morange

If any of you lovelies are following me on Twitter than you will remember my recent tweet about the Debenhams sale offering 10% off all beauty items. Now obviously 10% isn't exactly a large bargain but every penny counts when its time to stock up on your favourite foundation, or when your ready to try out a cult favourite. Since I'm currently fully stocked up on my make up essentials I decided to try two products that I've never tried myself but heard alot about.

I picked up the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Naturals in Medium Dark for £16.65 (RRP £18.50) and the MAC Morange Lipstick for £12.15 (RRP £13.50). I've heard rave reviews about both products and thought now was a good opportunity to purchase them both whilst getting a few pounds off.

The powder works amazing over my MAC Pro Long Wear foundation (pics to come) helping set the look with a matte yet healthy looking finish, it even seems build able enough to use on its own as a base, as I have heard others do. Although if worn alone you would have to apply some SPF as I'm not aware that this carries any sun protection.

Morange is an amplified creme finish perfect for that creamy long wearing texture that a bold lipstick should have. Needless to say it is incredibly daring and I'm not sure how up to the job I am of pulling this lipstick off. Never-the-less it is an amazing colour perfect for the season to wear on more of an occasion perhaps.

If you did take part in the sale do let me know how you got on and what items took your fancy. Whether you just fancied taking the opportunity to replace your favourite foundation or maybe tried something new you've heard alot about

Love and kisses

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