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Shopbop Purchases

Hello my loves! Hope you've had a nice enough day. If your a Londoner like myself, then the conspiracy that this isn't really June, and that we've all been specially placed under some kind of coma, and its actually October; has run through your mind at some point. I know I complain about the weather alot but that's all part in parcel of reading the musings of a British person I'm afraid, at some point in the day we have to get one in about the weather. Its the law.

So whilst one is stuck indoors for fear of being rained on, the only only way one can possibly entertain one's self is to check out pretty things online. I know it can't just be me who online shops when I'm bored? Whilst browsing on one of my fave sites shopstyle.co.uk (an online directory for any item of clothing/accessories/shoes or any other fashion related items in any category possible), I came across a stunning little bag that I spent the rest of my evening convincing myself that I needed. And later purchased.

This gawj Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon tote is soo much bigger than I expected it to be, which is a massive plus. They did have this exact back in leather aswell but my budget didnt justify being stretched that far. I think this will be great for when I go back to uni in Oct as its so wide and durable. And I didn't stop there. I can never help myself when it comes to having a further browse even after I've already decided on a purchase. My snooping took me into the sunglasses dept. where I found a pair that had me intrigued.

I'm not your usual Ray Ban fan, I love the way they look on celebs and other people. But with the size of my head I have to be very careful about what type of sunglasses I attempt to pull off. Not only is my head massive but my face shape is stuck somewhere between square and round, how that's even possible I don't know but it is what it is. But when I saw these Over sized Original Wayfarer's, I thought hmmm its the same style... only larger. That has to be a solution to my RayBan problem...

Its not that I don't like them on, as much as I really don't even know what my opinion is to be honest. I think I'll need to experiment more with hair styles and all of that before I know for sure if I'm happy or not. I really am this way about most sunglasses so no offence to these, I'm just neurotic.

I also have to comment on the Shopbop experience, as this was my first time purchasing anything from there. On the site delivery within three days was promised but in actual fact I felt as if I received a next day delivery service. I made my order on a Tuesday evening after 6pm, and I received my package on Thursday morning. Fastest delivery ever I'd say!

Also if you want to check out either of these beauts you can do so here:


Have you guys made any rainy day purchases lately? Or have you ordered anything internationally and if so how was your experience? What are your preferences in terms of shades?

Have a lovely evening dolls


♥ Sarah ♥ said...

Gorgeous sunglasses on you! They really do suit you! =) I'm apprehensive on purchasing sunglasses too (unless I try them in-store) due to head size/face shape predicament, but I've been wanting a pair of Wayfarers for some time, didn't know they had an oversized version. Great post! =)

Sarah xoxo


BeautyStalker said...

Thank you so much sweetie! And so glad its not just me that suffers from anxiety when choosing shades loool.xx

--Sanam-- said...

I love your new bag, and those Ray Bans are awesome, I so need to get a pair myself :D

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

BeautyStalker said...

Thanku hun! Yeah their growing on me loool x


your a beauty love the bag and i got the samr sunnies snap! lol

great blog... http://euqinom7.blogspot.com

BeautyStalker said...

Thanku my darling! Wooo great minds think alike xxx

littleclassyrose said...

lovely blog!

i love rayban xD my boyfriend bought the G15 lens wayfarer and it looks amazing.
but it looks stunning on you :)


BeautyStalker said...

Awww thanku hunny! thats so nice of you. Yeah I love the style of the glasses xxx

Mizz Entice said...

That bag is beautiful! I haven't gotten around to shopping at shopbop as yet, but I think I will expplore it soon! Great purchases! Thanks for sharing!!


BeautyStalker said...

Thanks hun I had never thought of shopping from their either but glad I did xx