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NARS-cissistic Perhaps?

Heya Guys! I recently made a few NARS purchases form asos.com and I want to share them with, well who else but you! :)
I was in the mood to try a cotton candy pink blush and it was a toss up between this and Mac's Dollymix, even though I may still purchase Dollymix I think for now I've indeed made a wise decision. This blush looks incredibly gorgeous so bright and highly pigmented, it has a matte finish and even though it may come off slightly shocking in colour, I think medium to dark skin tones would absolutely fall in love.

The decision to get this lip gloss was a bit of a risk. I'm not very big on glosses and if I ever take the plunge its usually a pinky peach colour that I'm adamant would suit me. Angelika is a bright, slightly blue toned pink, something warm skin tones like me shy away from. But I am deeply impressed with the colour I think warmer skin tones need to cheek this out, because for a gloss it is very pigmented, but still sheer enough to not appear overpowering.

I absolutely love this lipstick! The colour is a warm coral that I think absolutely flatters my skin tone, it is a safe choice for me because I am comfortable in peaches and corals. This is my first NARS lipstick and I must say I am hooked! The colour applies incredibly smooth, highly pigmented and the satin formula is very creamy. I really want to try more with this finish but I'm also curious of the semi-matte lipsticks... especially one at the top of my wish list...Schiap!

(Left to Right) Niagra lipstick, Angelika lip gloss, Desire blush
What did you guys think of the products mentioned in this haul? Are there any NARS items on your wish lists?

Have a lovely day ;-)


Carlito86 said...

Loving that blusher and the lipgloss, gorgeous pink! xx

Anonymous said...

NARS products are gorjj just got their lipstick in jungle red which is lovely!

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