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Hello my sweets! Hope your all well? I want to introduce you to an amazing purchase I've made recently. Make Up Forever are a world renowned professional make up brand who's product are used by the most prestige of make up artists. Unfortunately the products are stocked in Sephora which we don't have in the UK! But they are also available at Guru Make Up Emporium a professional make up store in Parsons Green, London.
I've always been eager to try the MUFE products and have seen them in tutorials by the likes of Pixiwoo, and its through their channel that I was first made aware of Guru Make Up Emporium who do have a website where you can order products. But because I'm really into seeing products and being familiar with them before I attempt to order them online and Parsons Green although in London is quite out of the way for me to travel to, I till now have never made an order.

It was actually through a friend who had been down to the store that I gained the impulse to at least try products that weren't based on colour matching, so that I could determine the quality. I purchased the HD Translucent Face Powder and the HD Primer in Mauve (to contrast sallow undertones).

Top Pic: Swatch of MUFE primer, Pic Below: Primer rubbed into hand
The primer firstly I have to say this has a very fresh scent which I do like in skincare products. I've never used a coloured primer so I was a little worried about how this was going to show up under my foundation. But the consistency isn't too thick and the product once rubbed in, seemed to apply clear. Saying that when I moved on to apply my foundation it applied so smoothly and the finishing result was a base that was so much more even and healthy looking than usual, that I literally wanted to keep staring at my face. The primer is designed to contrast sallow undertones meaning dullness. My skin tone at times can become uneven if I'm not careful, and as a result my skin can look a little dull, even under foundation. But this seemed to work against that perfectly.
Top Pic: Shows MUFE HD powder on hand, Pic Below: Powder blended into hand
The HD Powder was a little tricky figure out at first as I've never used any translucent powders in the past (unless you count the one I used only once by Sleek, less said the better). I applied this powder once I finished applying all my makeup as I heard this is a good way to seal everything in. With a powder that has a bit of colour I'd probably use that directly after applying foundation. At no point did the application seem to be cakey or ashy or drying in anyway. Instead I barely noticed a difference... except for the fact that my t-zone was instantly mattified and stayed that way for longer than ever before. Honestly I adore this powder! I only purchased the travel sized version as I wanted to test it out but I'm going to trot down to Parsons Green and try their HD Foundation and whilst I'm there I will be picking up a full sized tub of the HD Powder. I think I'll have the smaller one on hand should I need to travel or have to pack make up with me for any other reason.

I honestly am kicking myself at taking so long to actually try out the MUFE products as the quality is beyond amazing, I'm in total excitement at the prospect of trekking down to pick a foundation. And just in case you guys were wondering, I've been using the products since the previous Monday and I haven't experienced any nasty skin reactions.

Let me know what you guys think of MUFE, have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Or do MUFE have any amazing make up items you think are worth recommending. Or if you guys have experienced a better primer and setting powder please feel free to share

Love you all

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Zahra said...

yes i love the MUFE HD foundation...my shade is #170...i think you would be a similar shade to that :)